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So, here I am in Honolulu with Nani and Andrew. It's pretty sweet. Jarvis McGillicuty went to a Halloween party last night. Record, dude. Record.
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I made it back alive. I should have about a million pictures in a couple days for all you cats to peruse. So there.
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You're all a bunch of chumps on a dramarama merry-go-round.
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The answer is yes. Sucker.
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I feel like I have something important and intelligent to say, but I think I'm making stuff up.
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Maybe. Just maybe.

From Wikipedia:
"It has been recently reported that the loophole in German tax law has been revised. Starting January 2006, contributors to failed films will no longer be able to profit from failed films through a tax writeoff at the end of the year. This may well result in an end to Boll's film career, as it would make it impossible for him to capitalize on films that fail at the box office, resulting in a loss of investors."

Full link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uwe_Boll
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What follows is a transcript of the best phone call I've ever recieved.

The phone rings while I am at work. I look at the number and see that it's Haley.

Me: Well, hello, wonderful.

Haley: Hi. Listen, when you come to play Star Wars with us, do you want to be Jedi, Sith, or just Force Sensitive?

I ponder this for a moment.

Me: Force Sensitive.

Haley: Ok, I was just calling to find out what you wanted to play. Bye, baby.

Me: Later.

Best. Phone call. Ever.

Also, my stepdad has a very serious infection in his leg. Any prayer would be incredibly appreciated. He's in a lot of pain and currently in the hostpital. I really like the guy; he's very good to my mother. I know he would really appreciate any thoughts and prayers.
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