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Well, hello, luvvies. I'm still alive, still kicking, still tearing it up. The move was successful. My new apartment is pretty sweet and my roommate is one cool cat. We'll get along just fine, it's great.

I've started school, and lemme tell you, it feels so good to be sitting in class and listening to instructors drone on for a few hours. Golly, I've missed it. My school is super sweet, much better than yours. Eh, I don't really have much to report. I'm still alive, I'm back in school, my apartment is sweet, my roommate is awesome, my friends here are incredible, New Year's Eve was almost too good for words, and I went to the Orlando Science Center yesterday.



Also, you should thank Haley for taking such bloody good care of me. She expects it in the form of chocolates and massages.
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I'm starting to fall into a rhythm down here. I'm starting to go to sleep earlier than usual. We'll see how long that lasts. I wake up, I get to class on time. I've been paying attention, even taking notes. After four hours or so when class ends, I screw around with Haley.

It's a hard life.
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Almost everyone here at this school has a very deliberate style when it comes to dress. It's weird. Meh.
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I finally saw Memento. Freakin' sweet movie. Who wants to watch it again with me?
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I like my Creative Writing class.
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I had donuts yesteday. I want more. Someone send me some donuts. I will be your friend.

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One of the best things about living down here is the tea. Yes, that's right. When at a restaurant, if you order tea, they ask you if you want it sweet or un. That's correct, folks. The tea is already sweet. No mixing and stirring in fifty-four packets of sugar and various substitues. It's already done for you. Plus, you can go to the store and buy sweet tea. IN JUGS. Up north, you can only get lemon tea in the big milk gallons. Well, that and lime. But, I'm talkin' real, honest-to-goodness sweet tea, the way God intended it.

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Krispy Kreme > Dunkin' Donuts

Full Sail > University of Pittsburgh + Grove City College

Sweet Tea > Lemon Tea

South > North

Florida > Pennsylvania

Me > Pittsburgh

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Ask me if I saw George Romero last night. G'head, ask me.
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