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My generation never fails to shock me. Yesterday, Haley, Andrew, Bailey and myself went to the flea market. Apparently, there is a wee little park coupled with the shoppage, so for a few hours, the B-Rad and I were to frolic on the rides. First, we sat down for a wee little lunch. Then, excited as hayel, the baby child and I started hopping in rides left and right. It was cool, until I realized that all the rides consisted of spinning around at about 452 miles per hour. In a circle. AWESOME. The first two rides were ok, no big deal. The third ride was kinda shady, what with the operator leaving for about ten minutes, leaving us riders sitting in the sun wondering when he'd come back.

Here's the good part, though. I took Bailey on the Go-Karts-another story altogether- The baby child and I were speeding along the track, having a grand ol' time. We got stuck behind some goober, and I just couldn't get around her. She kept floating in the middle of the lane, and cutting me off every time that I tried to pass. I had precious cargo with me, I couldn't risk anything thrilling, you know. When I finally did pass her, I cast a glance to get a picture of my nemesis.

I am telling the absolute honest truth here, folks: She was on her cell phone. I kid you not. She was driving around on a Go-Kart track at a funpark, talking on her cell phone.

I was absolutely shocked. It was the saddest thing I have ever seen.

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Or as I like to call it, FreakinAwesomeboy. Yeah, I finally got around to watching this absolute masterpiece.

Let me tell you. Oldboy was one of the most absolutely incredible movies I have ever seen. It is one of the two most emotionally wrenching films that I've ever had the luck to view. It just throws you around and pummels you and very nearly shreds you apart. And yet, after it all, a happy ending peeks out its little glorious head. Despite its unconventional resolution, Oldboy ends on a hopeful note. Maybe, just maybe things will be alright.

Mi-do: What should I pray for?
Dae-su Oh: Dear Lord, next time let me meet a younger man.

Woo-Jin: My sister and I loved each other despite everything. Can you two do the same?
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I've been watching Jem this last week with Hay. Yes, that's right. The girl show that was on after G.I. Joe. Am I ashamed of it? No. That bleeding show is out of control. It's the single most ridiculous and crazy cartoon that I've ever seen. It's just insane. I love it.

I know, I know. It's supposed to be a girl show. Just watch an episode or two. You'll see.

Also, the Aliens novelizations are pretty lame.
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