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Yet another of the greatest American Heroes?


John Bloody McFriggin' Awesome McClane.  We're all gonna die, die hard.

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We just got done with Blogathon.  Well, Haley finished Blogathon.  For my part of the fundraiser, I hosted a 24-hour LAN party.  It was pretty intense.  We had some Counter-Strike, some StarCraft and some Quake bloody 3.  It was really good stuff.  I had about eight or nine people from my school show up, that was pretty cool.  It kinda made me feel good that they actually like me enough to pay money to come and play videogames.  Either that or it was the promise of food and alcohol.  Anyway, yeah, all the money donated went to Haley's charity, Child's Play.  They give games and toys to kids in hospitals.  That's pretty sweet.  I wish that was around when I was in the hospital. . . .

 Scratch that, I've never been.

 Anyway, it was super fun.  Haley did two guest spots on an internet radio station, an hour each.  She did awesome.  Best radio voice ever.  I think she actually raised about two hundred and fifty bucks.  Nice.

 Final project is done.  It was horrible.  Shockingly bad shoot.  Meh.

 I bought Batman the Animated Series.  It's so awesome.  Better than I remember.

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Thinking back on it, I always sorta liked Back-To-School shopping.  I enjoyed buying pens and pencils, notebooks, folders, and binders.  I wonder if that makes me a freak.
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