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Games that are currently awesome:  Left 4 Dead.  Mass Effect.  Team Fortress 2.  Lord of the Rings Online.  Max Payne 2.

Games that require too much work to get to the fun:  Dead Rising.  Assassin's Creed.

Games that are awesome but will not load thanks to the Enhanced Edition Patch:  Stupid bloody daggone wretched stinking poophole stinkyface buttbreath The Witcher.

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In case you were wondering, Left 4 Dead is, indeed, grand.    In hindsight, it seems like such an obvious choice, doesn't it?  Co-op zombie killing.  It's a professional version of what my friends and me have been doing with Counter-Strike bots, Vampire Slayer, Battlefield 1942, and Aliens vs. Predator for the last eight years, anyway.

Haley likes it, too, believe it or not.  In fact, I kinda think that she likes it just a little bit more than even I do.  And I bloody love it.







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Valve does not hire chumps.


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Here's a little video I found today.  It's pretty epic. 


Hey, that'd make for a pretty neat game mode, wouldn't it?

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I just realized that the Left4Dead411 forum is a cesspool. 

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Why are demos so short nowadays?  I guess it's because even one tiny level can clock in at near a gig these days.  Remember the Crackdown demo, though?  That was the last REALLY substantial demo that I can remember, and it was awesome..  Not like the old days. 

The Tomb Raider demo was substantially larger than the QoS one, at any rate.  Better, too.

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I remember when I was younger, I spend lazy Saturday mornings watching a lot of basketball on NBC.  This was back when Michael Jordan WAS basketball, and he was amazing.  There was something supernatural about the man.  No mere mortal could play the way he did.  He had something like 40 buzzer-beaters and could dunk from the free-throw line.  Astounding.  I remember being all of ten years old when the Bulls pulled off that first three-peat.  I was beside myself.

After watching a game or Inside Stuff, I would go outside to our driveway and pretend to be Air Jordan, playing in imaginary championships, wantonly defying gravity.   I wanted to be him.  Or Emmitt Smith. 


Also, Pee-Wee Herman.


EDIT: Don't forget about this.

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Whilst perusing the internet, as I am sometimes wont to do, I came across an interesting statement: 'Aliens' may be bigger, louder and more explodey, but it hasn't aged all that well.  I find myself disagreeing whole-heartedly with that.  In my opinion, Aliens has aged extremely well, a testament to Cameron's ingenuity and vision.

Also, are there any casual Joss Whedon fans?  Either you all bow at his feet and worship him like a god, or despise him beyond all thought(though I do tend to fall in this latter category).

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When you come down to it, the world is a cold and scary place.

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