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Yes, I will watch the G.I. Joe movie.



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I will also be watching Transformers 2.

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Yes, please.

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203 takes care of its own.

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Followed? No.  Watched.  No, not watched.  Hunted.  Yes, that’s the word.  Kellin felt. . . hunted, stalked.  He couldn’t explain it, didn’t’ know why.  Just felt it.  He didn’t often have contact with other spirits.  He’d heard word of the city spirit, whoever that may be, being attacked or threatened or something.  No matter. 


The night had started out as any other, if any other night had vampires, werewolves, fairies, and mages.  Which, given his time with Fee, many did.  He met them.  He said hello, hi, how are you, great, fine, love, happiness, peace, joy, goodbye.  But something was wrong.  A gut feeling.  A hunch.  A sourness.  Something on the perimeter of his mind, just out of sight.  He shook it off.  With so many magical beings, what’s the worst that could happen?


Then, it came.  A shadow, a nightmare.  A monster made of hate and malice.  Blessedly united, the races fought it as one.  Vampire, mage, and fairy.   Lorcan, one of the mages Kellin trusts most, held the creature, while Gypsy and the vampires rent its flesh.  Others bound it with fairy rope, chanted, or performed other arcane rituals. 


It was overmatched.


No one was hurt.


Until the beast struck out with a limb, an unnatural vehicle of destruction, at McAfee Sugarhill Tenpenny.  His mind unaware of the action, Kellin stepped in front of Fee, placing himself in the path of aggression. 


He felt Fee’s tiny clamp onto his arms in sudden fear.


He saw the black horror speeding at him.


Kellin dropped and his thought fled far away.



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Look, folks, it's okay to like both the US and UK versions of the Office.  Hell, you can even like them both more or less equally.  I do. 


Trust me.  It's okay.

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I'm now in Pennsylvania.  It's cold, I'm not going to lie.  I already miss my best friend.  I was originally supposed to be here Wednesday, but my good friend Gogas paid to change my flight to Sunday. 

Why would he do this, you ask?

Aside from him being pretty much the nicest kid I know, he took Haley, Andrew, Bailey, Haley's Pop, and me to see the Space Shuttle. 

Yes.  The Space Shuttle.  I was totally up close and personal with that glorious space-faring vessel.  If I was, like, seven feet tall,  I could have even touched it. It was enough to be close, though. Then, we got to check out the ENORMOUS building where the SRBs are attached to the command module itself.  I got to see the Shuttle's replacement, the Ares.  It's pretty neat, reminscent of the old Apollo rockets.  

So, yeah.  That was awesome.  He also has tickets(or whatever) to see the launch of the Atlantis.  Unfortunately, I will be up here.  Aw, well.  Hopefully he'll win some more by the time I get back. 

Anyway, that's cool.  Space is cool.

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I found The Book of Merlyn for a buck at Matt's comic shop.  Which is awesome, as Once and Future King was tremendously good.

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I attended the University of Pittsburgh in 2003.  It was largely a waste of time, but a few good things did come from my time there.  I took a couple classes at the Pittsburgh Filmmakers, where I was able to work with film and do my own editing.   I made some friends, suprisingly.  And, despite them generally being a waste of time, I discovered two really awesome films in my film analysis classes.  The first being my favorite musical of all time, Singin' in the Rain.  The other one was a French film about the reconstruction after WW2.  The tragedy was that I completely forgot what the title was, or who directed it. 

The result was that for nigh on six years, I've been wondering what this very colourful French absurdist, largely visual film was called.  I remember the dialogue wasn't important, the main(mostly mute) character worked at a car factory, and there was one of those Tomorrowland houses.

Today, while surfing through the channels, I finally saw it.  It's on TCM, right now, and a quick search revealed that the name is Mon Oncle, directed by Jacques Tati.  According to Wikipedia, it's one of the Monsieur Herlot films.  It's just as good as I remember it.

I'd really like to see the other two movies.  Has anyone else seen them?

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Teaser here.  Be warned, it's kinda spoilery if you haven't finished the first game.

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