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You know, Coppola's Dracula is really one of the corniest, goofiest things I've ever seen.

Posted by Narzack on August 4, 2009 at 04:56 PM | Get some!

The Ballad of GI Joe.


Heck, a comedy music video has better casting than the movie.  Henry Rollins as Duke?  SIGN ME UP.

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I disagree, Mr. Writer for Mania, The Loch was a truly awful piece of garbage.  Terrible, terrible.  Blatant self-insertion wish-fulfillment crap(alright, main character than every woman wants to have sex with upon first meeting).  Annoying writing tics(Okay, yes.  They're from Scotland.  I don't need to see dinnae, ken, and whit every bloody second.  I will understand that they have an accent.  Don't make me struggle through every single sentence trying to piece together what stupid Rue Macgregor MacClannahanran is saying.), ghastly laspses in simple logic(A 1400s knight would not write a diary in the accent of a 2009 Scotsman.  When a southerner writes in a diary, they don't put Ah do declah!).

Anyway, rambling aside, it was a dumb book complete with all that look-at-the-research-I-just-did-aren't-you-impressed filler crap.




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Nonviolence?  Civil Disobedience?  Peaceful resistance?


No.  That was never our way.  Not even in the beginning.  Before it all started, we knew we were playing the long game.  We knew it was a war.

Posted by Narzack on August 18, 2009 at 04:23 PM | 2 Dropkicked
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