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For the last few days, there has been something on my mind.  I'll remember it as I sit down at my desk for training, or while I'm driving home from work.  But, inevitably, I forget by the time I get to my computer to type it up.  So, I'm taking this time to type out some random thoughts in the hope that it will come to me.  

I finished Season Five of The Office.  I'm not sure how I felt about the last few episodes, save Company Picnic.  The season finale was incredible and nigh perfect.  Then, the first episode of Season Six not only delighted the hell out of me, but it completely blew my mind.  The one after that felt really disjointed to me.  But, all in all, I am still pleased.

I've read three volumes of Flight, a really neat collection of indie-style short comics.  Some of them are fantastic, some of the pretentious, and some just plain bizarre.  I like them, though.

My little brother-six years younger- got married last weekend.  I flew up to Pennsylvania to Best Man it up.  It was great wedding, very nice.  Our old pastor from the good ol' days officiated, and it went off without a hitch.  Well, there was one hitch.  Ohhhh, I'm so clever.

Trackmania is a fun little free game.  You can get it on Steam, and it looks and plays great.  Crash Course, the recent DLC for Left 4 Dead, is a disappointment, and I get a little more disappointed everytime I play through it.  On a related note, I truly need to resubscribe to PC Gamer.

Community kinda blows.  The only things it has going for it are Donald Glover from Derrick Comedy and the girl who plays Annie.  Everyone else is uniformly terrible.  I would say that I expected better from Chevy Chase, but, really, I don't.  Not anymore.

There's a guy in my training class who looks, sounds, and smells like Creed Bratton.  Not nearly as awesome, though.  In fact, I can hear him chomping and crunching on Doritos, right now.  FROM ACROSS THE ROOM.  Also, he's staring at me.  That's weird.

We went to Jay Blanchard park on Sunday.  It was a really nice day.  Crisp.  Which means that I not only got to wear a jacket, but I was able to wear Dad's fedora that I brought home with me from Keith's wedding.  I love that hat.  And, Dad looked really good in it.   It's nice to have something of his, something to remind me of him.  He died almost seven years ago, and it still hurts like he died yesterday.  I kinda like it like that.  I don't ever want to forget.

There's a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon movie called Turtles Forever coming out soon.  In it, the turtles from the 80's meet up with the turtles from the 00's for hilarious high-jinks and awesomeness.  Here's a clip from Comic Con:

For training, I have to get up before the sun does. That sucks.

Oh, I think I remembered what it is that I keep forgetting!

As with many other places, Friday here is Casual Friday.  I wore my regular work clothes: black dress pants, blue button shirt, and a black tie.  The girl who sits next to me remarked, "No Casual Friday for you, huh?"

"Nah," I said.  "It's not really my thing."

I have a couple reasons for this.  First, Casual Friday is super goofy.  It's like Wear-Your-Pajamas-To-School Day.  It's hard to put my finger on it, but it always seemed to me to be vaguely insincere.  Like, someone who doesn't really ever wear anything but suits decided it would be a 'fun and hip' idea. 

I also don't like to mix my personal life with my work life.  I had this problem at Genewize, too.  The person I am at work is vastly different from the real me.  My job is not my life.  Not yet, anyway.  Someday, yes.  Now, no.  I don't want to come to work wearing my normal clothes and wear that plastic CASUAL FRIDAY! smile.  It seems false to me.  

And, lastly, I have never really worked or been a part of an organization that I am really dedicated to.  I will do my job, I will do it well.  I will do it incredibly well.  But, I will -not- give myself over to it in a personal way.  Not in my current job, not in previous ones-save Pronto- and definitely not in the Camarilla.

So, yeah.  I've over-analyzed, over-thought, and over-reacted to Casual Friday.  I see that.

Still not gonna do it.

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A couple thoughts:


Jim Halpert loves Pam Halpert like no man has ever loved another woman.


I won't apologize for being mega excited about Avatar.


I just bought the greatest item in living human history.


Dwight Schrute is superhuman.


Ocarina of Time is still my favorite videogame ever.


I'm very tempted to pre-order Dragon Age: Origins.


Beyond that, it's nice to be employed again. 



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