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I'm making a concerted effort to write more. There was a time when I was really in a groove; I could write pages and pages with little effort. I used to be really proud of the stories and stuff I used to write. But, something happened in these last few years. Writing anything more than a few lines has become a struggle. I now spend about two weeks trying to hammer out a three-page Harlan interlude. And, when I do decide to give up and move on, I'm never satisfied with the result. Even writing a journal entry is frustrating. Endless minutes are spent staring at that blinking curser, trying to figure out how to say what I want to say.

I'm not sure what happened. I think it must be that I got out of practice. Haley, for instance, writes something every day. Whereas I have an unfinished review of Amnesia: The Dark Descent that has sat abandoned for about two or three months. It's very disheartening, as I used to (and still do, if I must be honest) love writing. I get ideas daily, but can never actually put them down into words.

So, yeah. First world problems. Poor me.



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I grabbed Haley's Writer's Block and pumped out a short one page thing and posted it on my story journal. I wouldn't really call it a story, even.  More of an intro, I'd say.  A prologue, maybe.  But, hey.  Gotta start somewhere, right?

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I have three great loves in my life: videogames, books, and movies.  I'm really passionate about two of them: books and movies.  I want to start collecting my thoughts on them, but I fear that I don't have anything of value to say.  I have my opinions and beliefs, but no real way of arguing or proving them.  How do I resolve that?

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I tried my hand at a small editorial.  It's okay.  I feel like I gave it a good first go, and the next should be better.

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What a surprise, Best Buy's outrageous prices are driving customers away.

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It's a toss-up; do I love to laugh or yell more?

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Yes.  I am obsessed with Mass Effect.  It's not my fault that I have great taste in games, SHEEEEEZ.

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