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Prepping for a next weekend's shoot for the Not One Zombie project.  It'll be our biggest work to date; after that, it's back to the smaller vignettes.

We're really hoping to get other people interested in it.  It is, after all a community project.  We'd like to get other people to submit their own works, or even make stuff for their own channel that we can link to.  Whatever.  We're just really proud of the concept, " A YouTube community movie project showcasing short subjects in the world of a zombie apocalypse, without a single zombie on-screen. "

If you know of anyone you think would be interested, let 'em know.  Anyway, blah blah blah, enough of my advertising.  Just check out the channel.


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While I'm shooting this weekend, why do you help me out with my Not One Zombie project?


I Am Infected project details:


I Am Infected video prompts:


You know you want to.
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