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Shooting volleyball tomorrow.  And, because of the anniversary of Title IX, ESPN is going to be taking live hits from us.  Which means that you’ll be able to see my game on one of the ESPN channels, so maybe someone will be able to see my stuff.  Otherwise, all the games I shoot are on ESPN3.com.  If you’re bored, and want to check out my dayjob, give it a shot. 


As far as what I want to do until I drop dead(Not live sports and, to a lesser extent, not live TV), my film projects are moving along nicely. The Boys was a struggle to get through post, and I’ve gotten no feedback on it, but I’m proud of it.  It’s the most difficult and lengthy movie I’ve ever produced.  My next film, Pestilence Blues-which I directed and DPed- has finished its audio mix and is now being scored.  After that, I’ll do a final export and post it. 


I have a pretty busy summer working for ESPN3, so I won’t be able to shoot the next one, Lot’s Caste, until early August.  It’s already cast and crewed up, which is magnificent.  I met another guy who’s really into the project and wants to work and is even bringing along another script.  It’s nice to have some projects lined up, projects that I believe in and am really psyched about.


This summer, as I said, is pretty busy, so I’ll be able to buy a camera in a month or so.  I’ve been researching pretty extensively online and with coworkers and friends on cameras. I’d rather not break down and buy a DSLR(got my eye on the 5D Mk2), but, at the moment, it’s the best option I have for price/performance.  It’s got a big sensor, shoots in full 1080p and 24fps, and has a wide range of great lenses.  It’s also affordable enough that I’d be able to buy some rigging and audio gear along with it.  So, I dunno.  I wish that C300 wasn’t stupidly priced.


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