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I just watched The Raid: Redemption.  Holy smokes.  Non-stop, brutal, bone-breaking, head-smashing, knee-cracking, tendon-shredding asskickery.    Totally loved it.  My only complaint, and this is a minor issue, is that silat isn't the most entertaining style to watch.  A lot of short strikes and close kicks.  Still, the movie is totally badass.

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I'm in the earliest stages of developing a real movie.  I have a concept.  I have characters.  I know what I want to say.  I know what I want to happen.  I know the theme I want to explore.  I have a few pages of notes.  I love the newfound freedom I have now, having finally bought myself a camera.

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I'm really not enjoying this final season of The Office.  I'm especially tired of Pam and Jim drama.  Seems so forced and unnecessary.  If this storyline had happened right after they got married, I could have gotten behind it.  Now, I just want their storyline over and resolved.  I maintain to this day, they should have left, not Michael Scott.

Then, there's Andy.  Formerly the dopey, most adorable character in the recent seasons, now turned into a vindictive, cruel Michael Scott without the humor.  I used to think that he and Erin would be great together.  Now, I don't want him anywhere near her.  Stupid.  The writers don't even know what they're doing anymore.

And then there's Nellie.  A bothersome chick who stole Andy's job.  STOLE IT.  She was originally a complete lunatic.  At first, Andy was so mean to her, that I had to keep telling myself that she STOLE HIS JOB.  Even that didn't help ameliorate his needless heartlessness.  But, then I realized that the character in Season 9 has no relation to the previous seasons.  She's a completely different character.  She's now sweet and likeable and crap.  Except for shutting down Toby, what the hell? 

That's another huge problem I have so far.  No one is happy.  It's like misery season.  Also, it's just not funny.

Whatever.  At least I still have Parks and Recreation(which I contend has been superior to The Office for the last three seasons, anyway).  Also, the last episode made Haley cry.  If you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about.

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