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Lately, I've been getting into adventure games, Myst-style.  Haley and I have been snatching them up, having a great time playing them.  So far, the two standouts have been a game called Scratches and another called Barrow Hill.  Not only that, but a good number of the quotes which tickle us have come from them.  Oh yeah, and they're pretty bloody scary, especially Scratches.  Definitely a recommendation from Narzack.

 We're about to start another one called Dead Reefs.  It looks like another lowbudget keeper.  Really, most adventure games are lowbudget labors of love.  It's a dying genre.  Sad, but true. 


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Haley and I finished Dead Reefs.  It really blew.  I think it's a good example of why adventure games are a dying genre these years.  Clunky interface, ridiculous puzzles, and NO MOUSE SUPPORT.  I kid you not.  It's like it was a direct port of a console, right down to the control scheme.  It's really bad. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. 

 We did, however, just start Penumbra: Overture.  This one has a lot of promise.  Hurrah.

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I'm a bloody, wretched fool.

 Who's surprised?

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Haley's now an internet radio DJ.  She has a show tonight from 9pm-11pm, and you should definitely check it out. 


Go to www.mojoradiolive.com to listen.

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Haley's show is on tonight, 9pm-11pm.



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I'm finally reading The Children of Hurin.  Maybe I'm just a stupid Tolkien fanboy, but I bloody love it.  It reads a lot like The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales.  I'm just having a great time with it.  A definite recommendation to any Ring-geek.
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