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Yes.  My hair is currently red.  I can explain.  Last Thursday, our friend Delany came over to highlight her hair red.  Naturally, Haley helped her.  Naturally, I slept in.  When I woke, I stumbled into the living room, groggy and yawning.  I said my 'hellos' and plopped down on the couch to play Prototype(which is awesome).  They finished a few minutes later, with a fair bit of dye left over.  Delany, of whom I am intimidated, told me to come over so she could smear it on my head. 

I refused.  Said no, you come over here.  Now, at this point, I should have realized that I was asking for trouble, essentially daring her.  But, I was playing the game, not really thinking, distracted.  Delany, scary chick that she is, took me up on my 'offer', came over, and started smearing red dye in my hair.  Because I'm scared of her, I didn't dare resist, and tried to continue to play my game.  Not only that, but I figured I would look ridiculous with only a few splotches of my hair red.  Might as well let her do the whole thing.  When she was done, both she and Haley took at look at it and pronounced it a success.

Long story short, I let a girl dye my hair.  Haley seems to kinda like it, and that makes me feel better.  Some people at work like it, some don't.  One guy, though, seemed morally offended when he first saw it.  Like, really.  So, today, he told me to just shave it off.  I laughed and told him that he seemed truly offended by it.  He looked at me and replied, completely serious, "I don't like it when girls win."  A bit of a shock.


Anyway, Haley and I have become research assistants for her mom as she gets her PhD.  Her speciality is the Victorian Era as a modern 'haunted space' or what our society views as a haunted era.  That's been a lot of fun, specifically as we've been really digging into the Haunted Mansion at Disneyworld.   

I started my Hunter: The Reckoning tabletop.  I bought Ken Burns' documentary, The War, for $10.00.  Awesome.  ALSO!  Moon, starring Sam Rockwell is the best movie I've seen in a long time.  Seriously, it is incredible.  Watch it.

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Often, I get very frustrated with Christianity.  Westboro Baptist Church, especially.  I mean, they can't be the good guys.  Their methods and actions and words are so abhorent.  I can't accept that they're doing a good thing.  Shirley Phelps-Roeper said, in Louis Theroux's documentary, that their mission isn't to win souls to Christ. 


What?  Isn't that our explicit commandment?  To spread the Good News?  That's not what they do.  They condemn and curse and take vicious pleasure in it.  There is no Gospel with them.  I just don't get it.  They confuse me.


Also, when did we lose our ability to think and discern and view things with discretion?  I think I'm just frustrated with my own faith as a whole.  Maybe not my faith, maybe just more the things that are done in its name.  Maybe just the constant idiocy perpetrated by my fellow Christians.  I dunno.  Maybe it's just the same questioning of faith that every Christian endures.

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This is shaping up to be a good weekend.  First up is Space, and after that, on Sunday, I have the hands-on interview at Wide World of Sports for a Camera Operator position.  I'm pretty stoked on it.

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I had a good day today.  A bloody good day.  I feel accomplished.  It's a good feeling.

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