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First off, this is not the entry that I promised my mom.  That will come in a few days.  This is just a basic update on what’s been going on with me lately.

To start things off, I graduated from Full Sail.  Yes, that is correct.  I now hold a BS in Film.  It feels pretty good.  It was an intense 21 months of non-stop schooling, but it was worth it.  The farther I get from it, the more I realize that I got a really good, really valuable education.  Granted, it was very expensive, but I’ve really been applying much of what I learned to the couple of jobs of taken. 

Actually, to be honest, neither I, nor Jon Morfino, attended our graduation ceremony.  Why?  We had a shoot.  We were the documentary crew on the Fireball Run, which is a cross-country rally for the Child Rescue Network.  That was from September 27th- October 7th.  Graduation was on the 5th.  It was a the best reason to miss school ever.  It was shot on HD, and is in the editing room right now for Discovery Channel HD.  SCORE!

After I got back, I went on a three day victory cruise with my friends.  It was awesome.  The room service was free, and 24 hours a day.  YES.  From there, I went up north to visit the family for a week.

Last week, I went to Tulsa with Gorgonzola and Sonny to shoot a live webstream of the ABA Grand Nationals.  It was really fun.  I made a good bit of money for that, and, boy, did I work for it.  Two days after that, I ended up on another shoot with Gorgonzola.  It was a profile of Brian Johnson of AC/DC for a Formula 1 show overseas.  We got a work with a director from Hong Kong named Dean Head, as well as mingle with a lot of wealthy people.

Now, I’m home.  Just taking it easy for a few weeks.

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Just thinking about how awesome Duke Nukem is has had me roid-raging in awesomeness for the last two days.  I've been listening to Grabbag non-stop and getting so pumped that I mighty booted a hole through my wall and in the my neighbor's stomach.  She was screaming and there was blood everywhere and I took her TV remote.  Then, I headbutted my door down and went screaming into the night.  A bunch of homeless commandos tried to start with me, so I pulled one of their lungs out and stuffed it down the other guys's through.  I stuck my hand in the other guy's eyehole and pulled his brain out.  203.  I was covered in blood and awesome and 203 and I couldn't even take it. So, I high jumped up to the moon and punched some aliens in the balls.  But they started shooting at me.  So, I was like, screw you guys.  I picked up the Earth and slammed it on their craniums.  They apologized.  I was like, shut up, butthole.  A cruiser filled with a bunch of penisfaced poopoo heads started shooting at me.  I wasn't even gonna take that, so I piled up all the dead bodies I'd made and climbed my way up to the bridge.  I mighty booted a hole in their bridge and they all started getting sucked out and dying and crap and that's not cool.  203.  So, I punched all their heads off as they flew past me into the void.  So's that space wouldn't take my kills.  Cuz, that's not cool.  Duke Nukem came up to me and was all, You kick balls.  Leave some kills for me.


And I was like, My bad.

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